Environmental Advisory Council

Grant County Commissioners

Grant SWCD Supervisors

Executive Summary

Priority Concerns (PDF File)
  • Assessment of 3 Priority Concerns
  • Shoreland Classification
  • Surface Water Use

Goals and Objectives (PDF File)
  • Priority Concern 1
  • Priority Concern 2
  • Priority Concern 3

Implementation Schedule (PDF File)
  • Acronyms for Cooperators
  • Priority Concern 1
  • Priority Concern 2
  • Priority Concern 3

Appendix A: Priority Concerns Scoping Document (PDF File)
  • Introduction
  • Priority Concerns
    • Identification Process
    • Results
    • Written Responses Received
  • Summary

Appendix B: Local Government Environmental Assistance Network

  • Long Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment

Water Management Plan prepared by the Grant County Environmental Advisory Council and the Grant Soil and Water Conservation District

Grant County Local Water Management Plan
2005 - 2015

Water Plan 2010 - 2015 Amendment

The purpose of this updated Local Water Management Plan (LWMP) is to identify existing and potential problems and opportunities for protection, management and development of water resources and related land resources in Grant County. Pursuant to the requirements of Minn. Stat. 103B.311 subd.4, the five requirements of this plan are as follows:

  1. The plan must cover the entire county.

  2. The plan must address problems in the context of watershed units and groundwater systems.

  3. The plan must be based upon principals of sound hydrologic management of water, effective environmental protection, and efficient management.

  4. The plan must be consistent with local water management plans prepared by counties and watershed management organizations wholly or partially within a single watershed unit or ground water system.

  5. The plan will cover a ten year period (2005-2015) with an implementation plan that will cover a five year period (2005-2010) and will then be updated for the remaining five years.

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