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Conservation Accomplishments – 2018 Updates

Grant County residents take conservation seriously, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the list of the conservation accomplishments below!

The numbers below represent accumulative numbers, with current contracts, within Grant County.

Conservation Reserve Program (General CRP)
  • 122 contracts covering 3616.67 acres.
  • $266,528.00 in annual payments to Grant County landowners.
Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP)
  • 1329 contracts covering 22,375.77 acres.
  • $3,394,400.00 in annual payments to Grant County landowners.
Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)
  • 18 easements on 1,212 acres.
  • $1,676,965.00 in easement payments to Grant County landowners.
Reinvest in Minnesota Reserve Program (RIM)/ Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
  • 25 easements on 1,301.1 acres.
  • $720,041.76 in easement payments to Grant County landowners.
  • 11 completed easements on 1,246.8 acres
  • $3,703,917.00 in easement payments to Grant County landowners
RIM Riparian Buffer
  • 1 Easement on 110.4 acres.
  • $201,237.23 in easement payments to one Grant county landowner.
RIM Red River Valley Flood Recovery
  • 4 Easements on 212.8 acres.
  • $513,624.20 in easement payments to Grant County landowners.
RIM Wellhead Protection
  • 1 Easement on 51.6 acres.
  • $143,265.25 in easement payments to one Grant County landowner.
Environmental Quality Incentives Program/Ag Water Enhancement Program (EQIP/AWEP)
  • Since 2002-$1,928,967.60 in incentive and cost share payments to 115 Grant County landowners who have implemented Best Management Practices such as Conservation Tillage, Nutrient Management, Water and Sediment Control basins, and Cover Crops on over 30,000 acres of land in Grant County.
  • Currently 2 active contracts encumbering $46,003.00
  • 13 pending applications requesting $729,301.50
Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)
  • Since 2010- $25,548,158.00 payments to 250 contracts for Nutrient Management, Pest Management and Soil Health enhancement practices on 302,240.6 acres of cropland in Grant County.
  • Currently 158 active CSP contracts.
  • $7,950,757.00 in annual enhancement payments.
  • 186,786.4 acres currently under contract in Grant County.

Ag BMP Loan Program
  • $1,270,314.30.00 to date in low interest loans to Grant County landowners for the purchase of conservation tillage equipment, manure handling equipment, and smart sprayers.

Pomme de Terre River Project
  • Since 2011- $721,777.69 in grant funding through the Pomme de Terre River Association Joint Powers Board. Funding the establishment of Rain Gardens, Shoreland Restoration, Water and Sediment Control Basins, wetland Restoration, Livestock exclusion, and Buffer Strip projects in Grant counties portion of the Pomme de Terre River watershed, leveraging $4,374,289.00 in federal funds.
Mustinka River —-Clean Water Fund
  • $7500.00 in cost-share assistance for 3 Rain gardens
  • $7500.00 in cost-share assistance for 1 Shore land buffer.
  • $55,968.00 in cost-share assistance for 8 Water and Sediment Control Basin projects.

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